Sunday, July 19, 2015

Are you ready for this?

Hmm? Ready for what? What has John gone and did now? Simple.....nothing! Last month I promised to limit the posts from the July card show to a weeks worth. Keep in mind that was beforehand when I was planning on bringing home 10K cards. I didn't hand pull that many, just filled one 5K box and a 930 count box and picked up a traded set (that I already had, dog gone it), and a couple of old wax boxes (95 Topps series 2 and a box of 1989 Bowman, again I don't know why). Of course, I also brought home another 100K cards from Bob vendor 1. Hehe.  But I will try my best to stick to as few posts as possible. In fact, I am absolutely trying to limit it to only a few or so. I traded away 1 box before I ever made it home, so there is 5K gone. I have sort of unpacked 10 of those boxes, and also sifted through the box of hand pulled cards. Sifting? Yes, I went through and grabbed cards for sets that I currently have a written want list for, and I pulled the Braves which made up close to 20% of the box. I then put that box away in storage for now. Todays' post is going to show half of the Braves cards (from the hand pulled box) for the HEFTY want list (I will check them off later tonight). Probably show the other half tomorrow.

These cards came from the quarter boxes which I paid .04 cent each.


Yes, I needed at least one of all of these, go figure. Good thing I was grabbing dupes, trips, etc....

Yeah I also packed that hand pulled box with close to a hundred of those Legendary Cuts, but from different sets.

Love Ovation. Want them all!

I know some of these should have never been in a quarter box, good thing I paid .04, huh.

Horrible crop job, Johnny!

Three refractors.

Some International needs always good. BTW, am I the only one who Hxtxs scanning Chrome cards?

Last one for today. The center card of Andruw has me puzzled. It is from the 1998 Rookie Traded set, and it is a Showcase series, but the numbering is RTPP18.. Will have to look it up on Beckett I guess, unless one of you folks know why.


  1. Nice pick ups. I think you made out like a bandit. Some of those sets I've never seen before, so they are cool to see. Chrome cards are a nightmare to scan, I agree.

    I'll have to look over your want lists to see what I can give you, I have some Maddux dupes and some other Braves too. I can't wait to see rest of what you got.

    1. I am telling the truth, my daughter got 20 5K ct boxes for the same $$ I paid for the one, She got a Super deal, I wont be able to show them, just too darn many. I have cards stacked all over the place. At least at least 200 stacks of anywheres from 100-1000 each, and I am only half way through the boxes just stacking them up in related piles. CRAZY.

  2. This post makes me realize how few Braves cards I have in the end. That Javy Heritage is awesome and so is the Lykes card. Funny I picked up some of the same cards this weekend at the Big Top Show.

  3. That Dave Justice "Studio Heritage" throwback is pure greatness.

  4. Bravo.

    This will keep you busy for some time, yeah?