Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wacky Wednesday

It has been awhile since the last posting of a Wacky Wednesday, so for those of you who haven't seen one before: this is a handful of cards that I find interesting, funny, or unique in some way or another, at least to me.

Some Stadium love, or more like love of the bat.

Not often pictured, walking a dog at the park.

The not so uncommon McDowell antics. I wonder just how many crazy cards he has.

I wonder what he paid for that do.

Here we have a base card from Topps, with Heep wearing his minor league Vero Beach Jeresy

Now that's a knife!

What is Jordan carrying in his right hand? It doesn't look like a glove.

More like a chip shot (Golf). Yep, grip is right.

Yeah we see the note some chick fan sent to you, now your looking to check her out. LOL


  1. I think Swindell had Schottzie duty that day as part of his contract with Marge Schott and the Reds. No, seriously!

  2. Jose Lind had a good card from one of the Studio sets w/a pretty sweet looking sword. And now a knife. Made more sense when he was a Pirate.