Saturday, June 7, 2014

Part 5 from Wes

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME CARDBOARD? LET'S GET READY TO ............. look at some baseball cards, hehe.

Love the parallels!

Again, with parallels, lol. Lovin it.

That wraps up the Bowman from the first 3 boxes from , and I quote dimebox Nick here  "the flat rate box Godfather" Wes.

And now a word (a some cards) from Donruss.....

Those top three make good for Flag day (6/14) cards. BTW THANKS! To those heroes who fought and especially to those who died for our freedom.

Wes put a big dent in that team heroes set.

Some very nice higher end sets.

That's a wrap (for this installment, lol). There is good news and bad news. The bad news first, I accidentally deleted the next two Parts from those first three boxes from Wes. The good news, next we will be showing the last two boxes. Trying to make lemonade.  Have a great Saturday

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