Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mailbox Goodies

We got my mom home from the hospital last week as expected. That's good news. I got home very late that night, like 11pm, low and behold my door stop had a box that was too big for my mailbox. (I have an over-sized mailbox too!)

 I wondered, could that be baseball cards? Well, YES YES YES, definitely baseball cards and a few Elway cards to boot one of which I needed. That's more good news!  My John Elway Super Collection hadn't been hit in awhile. Probably due to not posting much on that blog (Trading John Elway). I had all intentions of getting some REGULAR great posts over there a couple months back, but with the May and June I've had way way too much going on. back to the HUGE box. I will post the cards up all week and call them binder finders til this batch is gone when I name the SUPER DUPER MOST GENEROUS BLOGGER/TRADER OUT THERE. Now I didn't scan every card that hit my binders, just some of the really cool cards, and a couple of set killers. Trust me, there is still a lot. Faster scans though.

The following cards all went into the insert/oddball binder.

A couple of relic cards.

A & G and Gypsy Queen minis that I needed. No, that is not a duplicate Uggla, the backs are different!

A couple more minis.

More A & G insert goodness. Dog gone shame about McCann heading to the Yankees, unless your a Yankees fan that is. But hey, Gattis isn't doing too bad for Atlanta:  like his current hitting streak of 20 games as of last nights loss to the GNATS, hehe. Just kidding.

Some Spahn. I scanned the back on purpose so that you would know that it wasn't a piece of vintage.

What an awesome trio of Braves. Aaron, Maddux, and Murphy! That is my very first and ONLY OBAK card.

You can never go wrong with Maddux and Aaron. A couple of odd-ball there that i didn't have.

A trio of Hammerin Hank, great center piece!

1997 Fller Sports Illustrated mini poster of Maddux, a canvas sticker of Heyward, and another Hank.

Some 2013 Pinnacle of a HOFer, could be HOFer, and should be HOFer. Just sayin.....

Two super Opening Day inserts, and another Spahn.

Looking good so far???

Here are a couple of 2014  Topps Power Player inserts! Not sure if the codes have been used. I guess I could try them huh.

Wowser! That lenticular scanned pretty well. Kellogg's Corn Flakes greatness.

A trio from Topps All star commemorative sets 84, 85, and 86.

Rounding out the inserts with these three. Even though Maddux did not end his career with Atlanta, this card is a Braves card thank you Panini. The Uggla in the middle is an insert but I dont know what the insert set is, and vintage chrome of McCann.

See ya later GATOR


  1. Hey, glad to hear you Mom's home from the hospital. Been a little busy, so I didn't know she was in. Hope all goes well with her, my friend.

    1. Thanks Ethan, I still need to get your cards out to you. thanks for being patient.

    2. No worries. In fact, hold up. As my recent post explained, I'm going to be moving... Thanks.