Monday, June 23, 2014

Binder Finders

Well fellow bloggers here are some more from that amazing box that just showed up on my doorstop, because it was too big for the mailbox.

You might be questioning the worthiness of the cards above. Let me explain. That Leaf Drew is the green parallel version (and a bubble gum shot). The Donruss Valdez is the factory set version without the error and a set killer, and hey the Studio is Maddux.

A little Team Heroes love.

These Triple Threads cards are sweet.

A pair of Javy's including another parallel.

All seven of the cards above came from 2002 Fleer Update, very nice as I have a gaping hole from 2002 through 2009.

A couple of Gold Ultras

Another Ultra Gold, and some oldie Fleer.

These would have been nice in the Flag Day post!. NOT to mention a couple of great shots. Signing and broken bat!

A nice Maddux and two awesome Flair Greats cards. Will you look at that leg kick.

Two more Maddux.

A pair of sweet Genuines and a Glavine Authentix.

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