Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Binder Finders

Here are some more cards from that amazing box.

A nice old Fleer from 86, the next Atlanta Hofer, and Eddie Mathews.

Can't go wrong with Murphy and two Glavines either.

The Naturals side by side, yeah   no comparison the one of the left takes the cake.

A foursome of 2013 Pinnacle

Sorry about the 1986 Sportflics, but hey you can see Murphy in the first one and his head shot sort of in the second one, and another one of the soon to be HOFer.

Some 1991 Aaron Heroes. I need 1-19 and 27 I think.

What a strange look on Maddux (play on words), Salty, and another Glavine.

You know I really like the Spectrum cards, nice throwback uniform on Furcal, and Eddie again.

Very nice trio.

Although the Icons set was sort of plain, I like them.

A parallel Heroes card and a Chipper.

A pair of Maddux and a Sheffield.

A four pack of World Series Heroes cards. Love the Red, White, and Blue theme.

Closing out today with Maddux Ionix and Smoltz Encore.

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