Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Part 3 from jaybarkerfans (Wes) and also some from Ryan G

These cards are just amazing. If someone told me in advance (which Wes sort of did) they would be sending a thousand + (probably 2K) Braves cards, I would have guessed that I probably had most of them. As you have seen in the first two parts, and you will see part three here, I needed a lot of them. just think, there are at least 5 more parts yet to show from the first three boxes, and every single card scanned was NEEDED! I can not thank Wes enough, but will certainly do my best, as he has already forewarned me there are lots more to come.

A god bit of 206 love.

Another rainbow for the collection. I really don't have that many "rainbow variations" So anytime I get some, I SUPER happy.

Heritage goodness!

A couple more Heritage and the rest are Stadium Club.

Some Bazooka including a parallel, GQ, and and a couple Finest.

Some A & G love.

Ans a slew of of these awesome super shiny Finest cards.

Lots of minis!!!! (8)

Absolutely a perfect center piece!


I know that I used to have that Maddux Ring Masters, but had traded it away on Beckett, yeah I said it. I am so glad to have one back in my collection. (BTW, I don't trade on Beckett anymore, or at least I haven't in 6 months, mainly use it for looking up cards.)

Great cards for sure. more coming in Part 4.  Take it easy.
Now these Topps Sega Gen came from Ryan G (this card is cool)

Ryan, thank you.

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