Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cards worthy of look see

I've made the scans smaller so that they will load faster, at least I hope so.  Here are some more cards courtesy of Wes. I am sure that you folks would like to mix things up a bit. But I needed every single card that I scanned, therefore they are worthy of a look-see. Check em out.

Some Pacific and Pinnacle.

Some Score.

Fleer. The Brilliants cards are super nice cards, and Ultra has always been a favorite of mine even in those ugly early years, lol.

 More Fleer I really like the Authentix cards.

And more Fleer

Some Donruss.

More Donruss including an opening day card.

Some Bowman including the base and gold parallel Andruw.

More Bowman with a blue parallel.


And finishing up with the last of the Bowman, and a 2002 Donruss Originals Greg Maddux!

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