Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Gywnn Tribute

I was at the hospital visiting my mother (she will be coming home tomorrow) and caught the news last night. Definitely a loss for the entire Baseball Nation. I won't ramble on about his many accomplishments, that has already been done. I will say this, he was one of the greatest hitters all-time. I used to have hundreds and hundreds of Gwynn cards, but since being active in this hobby (again) for about 10 months now, I have happily sent many of his cards to fellow collector's. I do still have 105 unique cards left of Gwynn, and all will be displayed here on this tribute, without commentary. His career and humanity spoke for itself.

My apologies for the terrible pic of the 1986 Sportflics #181, but it is the only way to get Gwynn to show. I tried for about an hour, and this was the best. It is a 6 player lenticular card.



  1. Very nice list. As I looked through I see a few that I remember having. I actually might still have a couple. I'd have to check.

    I wrote a tribute as well once I heard the news. Very sad.


  2. Those are some sweet Gwynns. Love the '85 Topps combo.

  3. Thanks for showing off those Gwynns! He will be missed.