Friday, June 6, 2014

Part 4 from Wes

Here is the next installment of cardboard goodness sent from jaybarkerfans. the first 8 scans are all Upper Deck product sent in the first 3 boxes.

Love the black bordered OPC, and that is an "in your face" grip shot.

Some very nice cardboard!

and some more. I really like the SPA cards and that gold edition 07 UD.

Those Artifacts cards are cool. Nice signing shot by Andruw, and Ovation has since their very first issue been my favorite non flagship product. Maybe even my favorite all around.

Nice chunk of 07 UD knocked off the want list.

little by little knocking out the want list. LOL.

The above were the Bowman hits from those first three boxes, thanks so much Wes.

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