Monday, November 14, 2022

Back to the October card show and yes the Free cards

 The winner last night was: Derek... again lol.

I haven't received any e-mails or see any notices regarding Black Friday from any of the online card buying sites. Have any of you? Are you aware if there is going to be a "Sale" anywhere? UPDATE: I see ComC has put up a pre-Black Friday thing.

On a childhood (teen years) note: Foreigner (with LoverBoy) have announced their final tour it is going to take a few years to complete by going to every city they (Foreigner) have been to. I grew up listening to both especially Foreigner with Urgent, Cold as Ice, Double Vision, Head Games, plus the "loveish" songs. As for LoverBoy I only remember liking Lovin' every minute of it, Working for the weekend, and sort of liking Turn me Loose. I wish them well and great final tour.

I picked up some more penny cards at that show. I highlighted some of them here.

That's right a penny a pop! I more than likely have all of these in both the set build and in the PC's. We'll find out one day. For now, in a box..... waiting.

Canseco rookie for a penny.

Trout for a penny is crazy. A whole lot of Miggy's.

Mikey likes it.

More Miggy and Ichiro's for a penny too. I still have the best deal which will be 3 posts. I also have the $100.00 deal from my buddy Fred (3 post too) to cover before moving on to the Sport Lots and ComC orders from last month.


  1. Way to go Derek! WOW!!! Those are not penny cards in my book. I don't think I could ever find a deal like that. Nice haul from the show.

  2. Those were a penny each? How?! That's amazing.

  3. Awesome penny cards. Love those Jordans. Also that '86 Topps Correa patch card looks surprisingly good.

  4. Lots of terrific cards of Miguel Cabrera, some I have, some I don't.

    Good Job ! 👍

  5. Penny cards for those? What kind of bizarro world are you living in?

    I know Loverboy well. "Get Lucky" was one of the go-to albums that the radio boys on the high school bus played every day after school. That and Styx's Paradise Theater and Rush's Moving Pictures.

  6. Love the Tigers with Miggy, Scherzer, and Verlander. Is that Mariano Rivera card a variation? It looks like the name is yellow and I could swear that color combination of name and background is white name and orange-ish background in the cards I own from that set with that background color.

  7. I've never done any Black Friday card purchases. Probably missed out on a lot of great deals.

    Those penny cards though! Wow!

  8. Amazing finds for a penny! Admittedly, I like this winning thing but happy to spread the joy (unless you're sending out cards from my PC ;), so next time my name comes up, please pass it along to someone that hasn't won yet

  9. Epic penny purchases! As for Foreigner, they are forever known to Aqua Teen fans for the Foreigner Belt! That was a great episode.

  10. Yet again some great pickups with those Cabrera cards. Makes my Tiger-beating heart happy. Nice pickups on the other stuff though too.

    1. Ben, if you want to win you need to post a comment on each post the day of that post before midnight EST. I randomize them at midnight the day of post.

  11. Love those Jordan unlicensed baseball cards!

  12. Dude. These penny cards are insane. You're so lucky. As for Foreigner and Loverboy... I enjoyed both groups as a kid. I actually was really nostalgic in the 90's and went through a Foreigner phase in college where we'd listen to their albums and shoot pool until the wee hours at my buddy's place.

  13. And here I thought the three Canseco rookies that I got a couple of years ago for a quarter apiece was a good deal! I always thought that after I bought those three that I'd try to do a whole pages worth of them, but then I stopped going to shows, and haven't been willing to pay the couple of bucks that they're usually priced at online, so my page never got past three :)