Wednesday, November 23, 2022

A couple of incoming packages from bloggers. Easy win free cards

 Last night's winner was: Mike Matson

Now moving on to a couple of packages I received from fellow bloggers:

First up is a package from Bo. He sent some cards for the PC. No idea if I already have them, but in the box that obviously did not meet the 2022 goal.

Bo also sent along some vintage cards for the set builds.

Bo also sent some baseball wrappers. The 1984 Topps Super above had perfect timing as his package arrived the week after the November card show, and you will have to wait to see why.

A couple of Upper Deck and a couple of Donruss wrappers.

Bo also sent a Score and an oddball Topps. He sent others too, but they are not going to make the collection. Other than the Topps oddballs, I will be keeping that "new" collection to the main brands and their main sets. Flagships if you will. 

Bo also sent some bottle caps. 

Thank you Bo for the variety package.

Next package came in a few days after Bo and was courtesy of DefGav.

As it says this is a blank back 1 of 1. I believe Gavin has sent 1 other Topsp Vault item in the past too. I believe (not sure) I only have 3 Vault items in my collection.

Bo also passed along a couple of customs for my Braves. Greatly appreciated.

Finally the prize of the package a complete series 1 Bubble Gun custom set from Gavin. I love these cards. He had previously sent me the Acuna, but now I can have the set complete in my Bubble Gum binder. 

Thanks guys. Love it when stuff like this hits my mailbox.

Now tomorrow I am going to make a scan heavy post that had recently been requested.  Then Friday I will try to make another Uncle Fred post, we'll see.


  1. Happy to help with those setbuilds! Hope you liked the bottle caps too.

  2. That Toussaint card is cool. I used to know a guy who played with and against him in high school.

  3. Nice batch of cards and stuff here..

  4. I drank a ton of pop trying to get a Bill Freehan bottle cap, or at least a Kaline.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Glad you like. The only way I can be sure I'm not sending you cards you already have is if they're 1/1s or customs I've made myself!

  6. What kind of drinks were those from?

  7. The bottlecaps remind me of my childhood. What I still had I sold a few years ago. Cool custom cards. Very creative.

  8. Congratulations to Mike on his win!

    Eck almost always had interesting cards.

    That Davey Johnson card sure is smooth, and looks like it could've easily come from the original set.

  9. The 2007 UD pack brings back good memories of ripping those packs from a card show a few years ago.

    It's always nice seeing some vintage.

  10. Gavin did a great job on that set of bubblegum cards. I'm kind of surprised that Topps hasn't made an insert set for bubblegum bubbles yet.

  11. Gio's customs are always great and Gavin's bubblegum set is fantastic too.