Thursday, June 16, 2022


 This ComC order was started back on January 2nd. Right away I bought three Hostess and they have been sitting in the inventory for the last 5 months. That was a wait that bothered me, but not anymore. By this weekend they will be in their binder.

Big name right off the bat. Apparently I already have this one twice so we'll do a double check of the Hostess and PC binders and replace if necessary. Now I also got in my last Sport Lots box and it had a bunch of Hostess.

The 1993 Clemens was the last Hostess needed to complete that little set (27 cards I think).

A few more big names.

Not dupes, these are complete panels. The matching cards above were also on panels that cut out.

Several more big names here.  My 78 & 79 sets need a lot of cards. Adding these was nice. A good way to close out this post.


  1. Hey now, you're getting way ahead of me on '77s.

    1. need 20 more and 1 of them is pending now.

    2. That's awesome that both of you guys are building these 70's Hostess sets. I've thought about working on the 1976, but it's never really gotten off the ground. Maybe one day.

  2. That Aaron card is great - Airbrushed Brewers hat but they left the Braves uniform.

  3. Great seeing you and The Owl getting these cards.