Wednesday, June 15, 2022

ComC part two

 I have already forgot what was in store for round two, so I will see when I upload the next scans.

Okay it is the Braves sections. All new to me, or so I thought. Apparently I may already own the Sterling and Holiday relics.

1940 Play Ball, nice. Yeah, the Smoltz autograph is nice too just wish it was on card and not a stickergraph. It is numbered to just 5 and is 1/5.

Squeezing in these PC guys too, however the two Kellogg's cards are for the set builds.

Enough for tonight.


  1. I'll have to see what other players are in the OPC Materials set. I love how colorful that card is. Same goes with those Gallery of Heroes inserts.

    1. it's there tribute to 1975 Topps design, they have base mini's in that style too.

    2. Well I do love me some 1975 Topps. I looked at the ones available on COMC, but didn't see any I HAD to have. Although there is a Jeter/Posada/Cano one that's pretty cool.

  2. Some really nice cards, especially the first three in that second photo, three very different kinds of awesome cards.