Sunday, March 20, 2022

Two more 49's

 I got the next two 1949 Bowman Braves in. 

They came from two different sellers on Ebay. The Bickford was bought a month ago and just arrived Friday. Mailed on the 22nd of Feb, so the post office was to blame. A month to deliver. My bigger issue was just how big of a dixk the seller was when I reached out to him. A total prick, not once but three times. 


  1. Sucks when the post office delays shipment. Sucks even more when the seller isn't cool.

    1. he was from Coronado , lol. did you eat your crackers yet?

  2. It may have taken awhile, but at least you got it. You also now know of a seller that you don't need to buy from again.