Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Fancy like

 Stormy day today. By now maybe the psot title has sunk in and for some of you country music fans out there (if any) have that song stuck in your head. :)

Bowman Sterling has always been a high end set. Just like the other Bowman products, loaded with young bucks that we never heard of for the most part.

Tossed in are a few guys we have heard of .

I already had the three Braves in my Braves sets, so those go with the set builds. I mentioned awhile back that I have always scooped up the high end cards when I found them in the cheap boxes. Slowly but surely I finally had enough to go after the sets. I made my excel sheets to track what I have so I know what to get. I am not ready yet to post want lists for them. I will eventually do that, in a year or two.


  1. Definitely know the song, more from the commercial than anything!

  2. I couldn't stand country as a kid, but I had an ex who loved it. She got me into it about fifteen years ago. I still have a playlist on Spotify that I'll listen to from time to time. Not familiar with the song from the title of your post though.

  3. I hate that stinking song and artist.
    On the card note, that brings back memories from my in-person autograph collecting heyday. Those player names are instantly recognizable for me.