Friday, March 25, 2022

A Triple post

 A Topps Triple Threads spread for tonight.

How can you not like that Greenberg card?

Triple Threads is another one the high end set builds I am working on including the parallels. Thank goodness it too is limited to just 4 or 5.

This wraps up the high end cards from that large Sport Lots order. A third of that haul was Fleer set build needs (no I didn't scan them). I'll have a 1 scan post of other set build needs tomorrow.


  1. I feel like I've seen that George Sisler photo on about a hundred different cards.

  2. Greenberg doing that Rizzuto pose before Rizzuto ever did! Nice Rizzuto card in there too.

  3. You're building Triple Thread sets? That's impressive. This is one of those products that lured me back into the hobby fourteen years ago. I loved watching people on YouTube crack open boxes of this stuff.

  4. I am, but I'd never bust a box. So far no more than a quarter a piece for them, well maybe .50 if is a super duper star or a Braves card otherwise .50 taps out the parallels. Want them too. lol.