Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Recovered: SportLots

 Continuing on with that recovered SportLots file.

This first scan were set killers. 

Just a back view for the notes on the backs of the first 5. 

Diamond Kings. These may have completed that set too, not sure at this moment.

We've all seen this card before. 

Okay let's see one of the card manufacturer's get Mike Trout holding a trout.

Some higher end PC additions.

A few for the HOF binders.

Just a couple of normal PC guys.

I have since doubled up on the Acuna. 

This post wraps up the recovered scans from my old laptop. The more important files were the excel files that are my main source for what Braves I have and don't have. Also, Wacky Packages, mini collections, and many other things.  I feel better now.

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  1. I for one hadn't seen the comic reading card before. Do you always put sticky notes on the back of your cards?