Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Player Collections. A colorful way to ring into Christmas time.

 Made it to the the last section of cards from the 964 card order. Strictly PC guys except for 1 card that will fit into a mini collection. I'll squeeze them into one post. After which I can post about trades and Ebay wins, etc.....

If you remember when I first starting posting my Braves cards from the 964, I started with the Bowman Heritage and those parallels. How could I pass up cheap PC guys especially when so many are HOFers.

I've always been a fan of Bowman's Best. This lot is nice and shiny.

I obviously loaded up with this year's rendition of Topps Fire.

The cards below are from the same sets, but go into different boxes. The "future" PC guys. You know the one I mentioned not long ago that I need to go through all of those boxes and weed them out. Definitely making the 2022 goals.

The Wagner was just the last card from the PC cards above. And the scan below should have been above those too.

Bowman Hometown, all PC guys except for Deion (I thought it was a Braves card).

That was a lot of cards, but it is official the 964 is done.


  1. Holy cow it's the Scooter! I can't remember seeing a photo of him in uniform with glasses.

  2. That Rizzuto card is great.

    Here's hoping you weed out one of the Dodgers from your PCs.

  3. I keep forgetting to look for singles from this Bowman Heritage set…

  4. How many player collections do you currently have going?