Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Card Barrel

 Normally, I hit CB (formerly known as Just Commons) up for the newest releases of Braves for my team sets.  However, for the last year or so, it has been a toss up between CB and SportLots. Easy enough, just check both for what makes sense. I can handle that, and have. Recently, CB put up about a thousand relic/auto cards for $2.50. You should check those out.....you might find something you like for a couple of bucks. I did.

A few Braves scooped up for that price.

Several autos at that price.

More relic Braves including the Andruw Jones.

Onto regular Braves needs, at least some were. I've noticed that there can be a difference between my excel sheets and my website. This became more pronounced when I got the recent 964 card SportLots order in. I have to blame this on two distinct events. 1) my old laptop crashing and when a SL seller goes on vacation anything you have in your cart disappears. No warning and it is permanent. My problem is that I mark the card (try to do both- excel and web) that it is incoming once I put it in my cart. I do that so as to not duplicate cards from one website and another. I have asked a couple of sellers to address this with SL on their end. We'll see. 

Now, for more $2.50 relic and autos of my PC guys.


I bet you can find something. 


  1. The Lincecum and Mauer jersey cards are nice finds. I would have swooped in on those as well. I checked out their inventory, but only found one card I was interested in.

  2. That Freeman up top is really neat, and would be great for a future Veteran's Day post.