Tuesday, November 16, 2021

964: Topps

There has been a few comments about the 964. One common response is that it would take many folks a very long time to "deal" with them. Let me remind you folks.... I sit here 24/7/365 for the most part. Sure throw in a little sleep, but not normal 8 hours of sleep. Of course, there is the 1.5 hours (in 1 day) to run ALL errands for the entire week and that is only when I have help here. So, you get the idea, ALL I do when not physically doing something with my uncle is mess with my cards. Even then, I run out of stuff to do with the cards (well, stuff I want to do) more often than not. I literally can blow through 100,000 cards in a week if not sooner. I have the time, and nothing else to occupy it.   

Now we get to the Topps cards from the 964. At least the first round, there will be a few rounds.

All kinds of mini's, all needs, all Braves.

My Braves Topps Fire for 2021.

And some higher end Braves needs. Some from long ago, needs nonetheless. 

I'll be back Thursday with some more Topps. Tomorrow we have hump day.


  1. Sure would be nice to have that kind of time. Hopefully when I'm retired, but that's at least 20 years away, probably more.

    1. No, no you don't, lol. When you get there you'll understand. In my current situation, I have no choice but to be here. Having cards to play with make it tolerable. I'd much rather be busy doing other things.