Thursday, November 11, 2021



Nine hundred sixty four cards. That is the number of cards from the last SportLots box order that came in. My largest thus far. I do have a 500+ one waiting right now. My plans for the 964 is to spread them out over a couple of weeks. I've divided them into "sections". I'll start tonight with half of the Bowman cards.

Golds and Blues with a purple too. Bowman Platinum is sort of the high end these days.

I hit the 2003 & 2005 Bowman Heritage up pretty good.  Each card has 6 different versions.

The white border cards are the base cards unless they are the double image horizontal versions. The black borders are the "facsimile signature" versions of the base card. The wood looking cards are knothole versions and they have a rainbow parallel as well as the fac sig (the far left Harrison is a rainbow).

Here you have minis and Mahoghany's. The Beau Jones whote border up top is a "draft pick" variation.

I'll finish the rest if the Bowman cards tomorrow.


  1. I don't even know how you have the time sort 964 cards at once let alone the money to buy them.

    1. The sorting part is easy, no more than 1-3 days to sort (usually 1), then cataloging them another 3 days. Scanning takes another couple of days as well. As for paying for them it was far less than going to a card show. (Remember, I'm cheap, most cards I get on SL are .18).

    2. 964 cards is an impressive haul. You have some efficient sorting and cataloging skills. I need to step up my game. I've been sitting on a few (card show and friend) purchases that I've been sitting on for years and there are way less than 964 cards that I need to deal with.

  2. To me the sorting and cataloguing are an integral and fun part of the process. The money's another story, but hunting for deals is part of the fun too.

  3. I have ten cards currently on their way from Sportlots, and those alone will probably take me upwards of a couple of months to put away... 964 would never get done!