Friday, March 8, 2019

Less than a Lincoln

While reading a post from Fuji the other day, I was reminded I had this post to get out.

It has been awhile since on posted on this theme. I don't know why, I love it. Who wouldn't? After all, getting a steal of a deal on a card, card lot, or set for $5.00 or less. Definitely worthy of a post. I need to get back to seeking these deals out. I did recently have one such deal.

A complete still in box complete set of 1994 Post baseball cards.  I wasn't going to scan them individually as the checklist above is more adequate.

Yep delivered for $1.51. That is more than a deal and qualifies for the "Lincoln Files". Heck, I figured the dealer would just refund my money. He didn't, sent them in get this.... a long PWE with 2 stamps, and it got to me with no postage due.

See ya!

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  1. These were good looking cards, the green marbled look worked well.