Monday, March 11, 2019

Jacksonville Autos

Showing the autographs I picked up at the card show Saturday before last.

Highlighting the Braves and a couple of other star autographs. Not bad for .45 each.

A bunch of Florida ties autos here.

There were these gator autos in the box. Nice looking Danny boy. I'm good with those even if the NFL is doo doo to me.

Besides the cards that filled that 3K count box, I also grabbed up some 8x10 autos. Which brings me to an unannounced CONTEST. Starting with the 8x10 below correctly guess what these 8x10's set me back. All photos are below (but 1...sort of).

Francisco Cabrera.

Klesko is a non listed PC guy of mine, so this one was a nice add.

Crime Dog in silver sharpie, another nice add.

Glavine, HOFer

Another Gator.

Chipper, HOFer too!  Notice the #23.

Now the rest aren't Braves or Gators.

Bwak, Bwak..

Bwak Bwak.

Silver sharpie.

Same photo, but in black sharpie and different location of auto. So It's a keeper too.

Now this one is a dupe. Rather the 1 8x10 not scanned is a dupe of this one, and it is the prize for guessing correctly.

Both of these were nice adds too. One in blue and one in black. Works for me.

Here is what the back of Pete Rose autos looks like. 

The contest for a signed Chicken 8x10 is open to followers of this blog and you must comment on this post. I'll radomize the entries 14 times, #1 spot gets it.  Contest closes tomorrow night at midnight EST.