Saturday, March 16, 2019

Larry's vintage

I decided NOT to scan up the vintage cards from Dary'l as I need to get the JAX card show stuff done. I used most of what came from Dary'ls vintage for set builds and wound up with a bunch of dupes. Still, that is a good thing. You have vintage to trade which is handy when you belong to a vintage trading group.

Well, that means I am moving on to Larry's box of vintage.  Bottom line, .75 each.

Making head ways on my 1955 Bowman set build.

Here is a sampling of the worst card 1954 Bowman conditions, but overall most were like the first scan VG.

These 3 were also in the box. Pretty cool to find a 2018 Brave, let alone Acuna in this box of vintage. Of course I didn't need it, but I save his cards so it works.

The front was beat up pretty good, I mean well loved, the back is a little better.

The 54' Topps were nice with a only the one needing upgraded in the future.

A few from 55 & 56.

A pair of 57's.

1959's.  Hoyt was the only card that will have to be upgraded in the future, and I can live with that.

There were a slew of these, mainly in fair condition, 1 however was nice enough to upgrade one in my Braves team sets.

There you go .75 vintage cards.  I still have one or two more Jax posts.

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  1. Here you go making all of your fellow bloggers jealous again! Some great deals in there, but I can't get over how nice those '55 Bowman's are, especially for that price.