Friday, March 29, 2019

1996 World Series: Contest Pimp

The Braves loss of the 1996 World Series was a real "suck". This was the reining Champions, Took the first two games. Game one was a blow out. 12-1, a 4 hit dandy pitched by John Smoltz. A 19 year old Andruw Jones homered in his first two WS plate appearances, Fred McGriff also homered in that game. Fantastic right from the get go. Didn't even mind Joe D throwing out the first pitch, I mean come on it was Joe D. Braves take game two 4 zip with Greg Maddux on the mound. Things were looking pretty damn good. But nope, those damn Yankees won 4 straight games. Games 5 and 6 were 1 run games. Game 5 was a 1-0 loss battle to the end between Andy Pettitte and John Smoltz. It was also the very last game played in the old Fulton County Stadium. I couldn't make the game, but my brother did, and man did he rub that in.

The Braves roster was loaded with stars even superstars and future Hall of Famers in the likes of Bobby Cox, John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, Chipper Jones, and Greg Maddux.

Other budding young Stars were Andruw Jones, Ryan Klesko, and Mark Wohlers at the time. I guess I have to include David Justice who is MY ALL-TIME least liked Brave. Wohlers had the heat in Atlanta, and man did we (fans) love it, same way we loved it when John Smoltz was closing, and later Craig Kimbrel. Man I hope he comes back to ATL.

I think I covered all the rules for the contest being held by Brian over at Collecting Cutch.

Check it out you can win a nice Yaz relic. Or should I say Fenway relic?   Hmmm.


  1. Ah, a personal favorite team of mine for the opposite reason! I really thought it was over after the 2-0 Braves lead. Those Braves teams could have - and probably should have - won more than the one WS.

    David Justice is your least-liked Brave? Do many Braves fans feel that way, or is it a personal thing for you? I love him as a Yankee.

    1. I was going to make the exact same comments as the Lost Collector. Is the DJ hate related to the domestic violence with his famous wife? When he was with Cleveland the bleacher creatures used to chant HALL-E BERR-Y at him in the outfield. That all stopped when he was traded to the Yankees, of course.

    2. No, I never really liked him, had that certain attitude about him. The Halle Berry just put it in concrete.

    3. Oh. Admittedly don’t think I knew - or remembered - any of his off the field issues.

  2. Man... I loved those Braves teams of the 90's. Thank goodness for TBS.

  3. Ugh...the the 90s. 20 years of losing for the Pirates. Thanks a lot Sid.