Thursday, March 7, 2019

Card show info

Just a little insight to what I brought home from Jacksonville this past Saturday.

I brought home 3 of these size boxes. One was minor autographs from a vendor that travels around Florida getting autographs, one was all vintage from Daryl (a regular and good guy), and the one above was from a new dealer/want to be dealer. I grabbed the box you see above for $40.00.

These are the PC guys that I pulled out of his box. I know I said I was not going to do this unless it was a super deal. I think this was a super deal all by itself, but there was more keepers.

Braves and set builds here.

More set builds here too.  Damn sure I got my $40.00 worth on this box. I wound up spending 1.3 cents on each card. I did go a little crazy at the show. I blame it on the fact that I hadn't been there in 5 months.  I am pretty sure I spent as much as I would have had I gone to each of the last 5 shows. Shame on me, I didn't want to do that.

I won't be showing the vintage or the autos tonight (each on their own night), but I will break them down for you.

The box of autos broke down to .45 cent each, and I also picked up some 8x10's and other items.

The box of vintage from Daryl contained cards from the 50's-70's with a handful of early 80's (25 or 30). All cards were in sleeves and top loaders so the final numbers were 625 baseball and 140 football. I haven't scanned these yet and I may not. The price breakdown was .25 each card. I also grabbed to relic cards from him.... 8 to send to Wes (JBF).

I grabbed 8 of the boxes you see below from my buddy Eddie. I will be highlighting those individually as well. I am calling them Jax. Blasters, as I paid $20.00 each box.

Eddie threw in 800 Braves cards too. I needed a lot of them (100ish). I'll post highlights from each "blaster" as their own post.

I bought from 7 vendors in total. The four above plus the following (will be showing each on their own post):

Chuck: Vintage in EX condition for 10% of book! Hard to pass up.

Larry: a bunch of 54"s Topps & Bowman for .75 each.

Fred: my favorite vendor at this show: grabbed a bunch of goodies for a buck a pop!

Have a great night!