Thursday, March 28, 2019

Just some old stuff

Cards from a couple traders at Old Card Traders (OCT)..

Peter Neuser messaged the group stating that he really wanted to finish up some of his 50's sets. He had a short list of needs for them.

I had a handful available so I reached back for a trade.

Peter said he could hit my 50's up too.

1953-1956, and these are the card he sent in return.

The next card came from Jimi.

A high number Braves team set need.

Have a great night.


  1. A few card shows back, as I was picking out a stack of some vintage needs, I was talking a little with a couple guys who said they were involved with Old Card Traders, and I was like, "Oh! Do you know my buddy John Miller?" But they didn't. Their loss!

  2. One (1) of our members lives in Portland. There are outside members who trade with those of us in the group. Here is the group's page.

  3. Love the 56T Hobie! There's just something about seeing a catcher look up into the sky and pulling off his mask. Great action pose.

  4. Not bad... what with it just being some old stuff and all :)