Friday, February 22, 2019

Dion gave me a Hickey

For the last several weeks Dion and I have been trading away. He's been taking all of the Tuesday Trade day autos (thus far). In return he's been sending me Braves autos. The batch I got yesterday had a few non auto'd Braves and non Braves autos too. Say that 3x real fast.  Up front thanks Dion!

Already had these 3 Braves.

Now you get the post title.  Hickey is going into the 2/25 birthday binder I have for my daugher Christy.

This Relaford goes into my birthday binder 9/16. Dion didn't have any 1/30's for Hunter's birthday binder.

Needed all 5 of these Braves.

I was able to add all of these Braves autographs to my collection. I did already have a few of the names, but not on these cards, so they are different in my eyes.

Same with these five Braves. Glavine being the highlight of the package of course. I had him sign a TTM for me back in 92' on a 1992 Donruss card. That was the only year I actually sent away for autos. Back then I never paid a dime, just sent 1 or 2 cards, and SASE, with a note asking to please sign. I must have mailed out a hundred, and all came back fast and signed but just a few. Those had the letter saying "too busy" or something of the like, and placed photocard in them. I can't complain. It's a shame you can't just do that way now.

Have a great weekend, I won't be posting tomorrow. Running home for a few hours so I will be wiped out.


  1. John,
    Great nice to see all arrived safely and that you needed some of the ones I sent since this was kinda blind for half of this lot. I also received your package today and will be posting hopefully tonight. Thanks for the trade Dion

  2. Always enjoy seeing a signed 86T card in a post.