Thursday, February 7, 2019


Before I start with tonight's post, baseball lost another one of the great ones. RIP Frank Robinson.

Last week I was posting about my recent card show visit, and the Braves cards I picked up for a dime a piece. Those were definitely nice additions to my collection. There was a lot of the "lost years" that many of us have (2001-2005). They came from my buddy Eddie, and he has about 100 of these boxes broken down into teams predominantly 01-05. As long as you get a hundred cards they are a dime a piece.

I also made mention of a few Braves that weren't a dime, and also that there would be more to come. so here it is.

Some great names to knock off of the 65 set build.

Some really great names to knock off that needs list too.  One of my goals for this year was to knock down some set builds that were close. 1965 Topps is NOT one of those, but I did do a little damage (over 250 cards) at 60 cents a piece including the ones above.

Grabbed up a bunch of these 59's too at 35 cents a piece. Picked up 300 cards.

The 58's were in a lot better shape, but at .35 cents a piece i was only able to add 100 cards.

Like the Braves cards I showed last week these 55 Bowmans were $1.25 each. I grabbed a handful of them too.

Likewise I grabbed a handful of these 54 Bowman for the same price.

It was nice to add some cards to these vintage sets. No way they get completed this year or even in the next few years. Good thing I am patient (some times).

Have a great night and upcoming weekend!


  1. Yikes. I'm still stuck on the glory of getting 100 cards from 2001-05 for 10 cents each.

  2. Great stuff. Love that you kicked things off with those 65's.

  3. excellent vintage. a cool campaneris card

  4. These deals you come across never cease to amaze!