Tuesday, February 19, 2019


UPDATED: last week we shed four of the cards below. Those individual scans have been removed. Still have 6 of these to go. Simple trade, a Braves relic or pretty much any baseball relic will probably do. Card for card. Let's do this! heck even a parallel Braves card that I need might work too.

Rambling wreck. Played with the Chiefs, Steelers, Skins, and Texans.

Husker. Played with Atlanta, Chiefs, and San Diego.

Cowboy or Sooner (take your pick). Nice patch.  Played with the Broncos, Lions, Broncos again, and the Florida Tuskers (UFL) where he set a game rushing record of 365 yards.

Tiger. Played with the Saints for 9 years.

Hokie. Played for the Jaguars, and is now a deputy sheriff in Jax.

If you see something you like LMK or if you just want to get rid of your baseball relics (especially any Braves)    LET'S TRADE! 1 OR ALL five.

Have a great night.


  1. I'd only be interested in Chris Cooley and Duece McAlister of this lot. LMK Also are you holding the last 2 bundles or did they mail lmk.
    Thanks, Dion

    1. Heading to the PO tomorrow. Do you have any Braves relics?

    2. I think there were a couple in the pictures I think I sent one so there should be I'll take a look at the stack and email you a picture.

    3. There were at least two, and you sent them both. I'm good with non Braves relics too.

  2. I like the look of those Big Dogs relics. Gotta go see if there are any Stanford Cardinals or Cal Bears in that set.