Thursday, February 21, 2019

New additions

I have been working really hard (these first two months of the year) to only get cards that I know I need or want (really the same thing: if I want it I need it). I have been doing this because I know me, and at some point I am just going to cut loose. I am planning on going to the Jax. card show in a couple of weeks.

I got side tracked there, let's bring it back to the latest additions to my VINTAGE Braves.

One day I will upgrade the Wilson, and throw this one in the set build until one day I upgrade it again. For now, this one works.

I grabbed these on my last ComC order and the below cards.

Silver All-Star parallel and Limited factory employee parallel.

This VARIATION card is somewhat of a pisser. It is a variation of the flagship base card #87. But, it was released in the update set. WTF. Why do this? Seriously, as if there aren't enough cards and variations and parallels to chase already.

Anyways, knocked out another variation and 4 vintage Braves.

Have a great night.


  1. Topps released a Series 1 variation in their update set? Lol. Sadly that doesn't surprise me.