Monday, February 4, 2019

Working the goals.

With one month already in the rear view mirror. I checked my self on what I got done last month as far as my 2019 collecting goals. I'm happy with myself thus far. I already posted the T206 additions. Tonight I thought I'd throw out some of the Braves variations that eat up the modern day team set builds, as well as a few traded needs, and well you can see for yourself.

1975 Topps minis.  Down to just 1 last one....another Hank Aaron #195. Of course he's not the hof on that card.

The last 1995 traded I needed for the team set.

The last Aaron parallel to the base team set, and all but 2 of the 2000 traded I need plus the last 2 2003 traded.

These 3 Saber variations for 2014.  Done.

And this closes the traded team needs out too.

These 3 variations from 2015.

And these 2018 variations.  Still a lot of variations to get, but I'm working on it.


  1. Topps and their variations. It hurts my head thinking about how many I've let slip through my fingers over the years.

  2. I gave up on the Dodgers variations. ... well, not 100 percent gave up. I just don't bother listing them on want lists and thinking of them. But someday the urge may come back.

    1. I'm spending this year chasing all I can down because I'm pretty sure I won't be going after anymore.

  3. Those 2015 variations are pretty sweet looking.