Friday, March 16, 2018

Show goodies

As promised I am starting the show posts. There will be a few. Okay, more than a few more like many. The first "few" are just some highlights that were laying right in front of me so I scanned them first. I previously stated that the bulk of these cards were from 1996-2006, and they are/were. But, they were plenty of 2007-2018 as well. Complete sets of 07 & 08 Topps.

A handful of Braves relics.

I also stated they were 250K, but that is way over shooting because most were in top loaders, and that drastically reduces the number of cards in the box. Not to mention a pain in my ass to take the cards out of the holders and the penny sleeves as i do not use them in my storage.

And some more Braves relics.

Here is the back of that Bazooka Andruw jersey card. Makes you think this is where the design for 2008 Topps came from, huh.

As usual I try to always grab some vintage non sports.

Well, boxing is a sport, but still vintage. I will be trading all of the above boxing and Man on the Moon cards with my OCT buds.

Some 2018 Topps inserts/parallels. And those 1994 Finest inserts are new to me, this was the first I'd seen them and they are absolutely more beautiful in hand.

See lots of 2018.

Now i know the last two are parallels, just don't ask my which one.

Some more Braves.

Would you believe i didn't own that 75' Aaron card? I didn't. Happy to grab the no name Chipper too.
It was free....

The next cards are some set building vintage high number grabs.

I showed the backs for the number range, but I picked up about 200 cards (most the higher numbers) from 1973 and a handful of 72's which were all high number.

A couple of vintage Braves knocked off of the want list along with the earlier Hank Aaron.

The Blanks rookie closes out my 73 Braves needs. Why is that important? I'm glad you asked. It is important because.....It completes my Braves TOPPS flagship/traded/update team run from 1973 through 1995. I do need three 95' Traded cards (128-Chipper, 132 Clontz, and 156 McGriff), those will take through 2000 Topps #237 Hank Aaron 755 HR and 3K hits, but then I need all but 1 of traded Braves cards. But that will take me to 2003 Traded, I need 6 of those (about half), then 1 from 04' traded 143 Capellan. 2005 I still need 691 and 723 then I'm good to 2009 and the SP 600 Maddux. In fact Just need the SP's (I do have some of them) the rest of the way to current.

As for the "pre 1973" I need 112 cards total. Mainly high numbers or Aaron with some Mathews and Spahn mixed in that takes me to 1951 and I do need all of them. The 72' and earlier like the Blanks above will get knocked off a couple at a time slowly but surely.

I knocked off 3 Trophy Cup needs too. I know Hutton has no cup, but I do build it with the "no cup" guys included.

I have no idea why I scanned these 3 cards, but this is a great place to stop.  I hope y'all enjoyed this card show teaser. Lots more to come.

Have a great night!


  1. The amount of stuff that you are always able to pick up at card shows is truly amazing!

    1. It is just 1 card show I go to. Held in Jax, FL, the 1st Sat every month. Come on down.

    2. I just looked into how long the drive would be... only 16 hours total! I think I'll have to just stick with the Nashville show.

  2. Bazooka relic cards and the 2008 Topps baseball design rule!