Thursday, March 15, 2018

All "cracked up"

Julie hit me with a return package which pleased me. See, when I was at the Jax. card show 2 Saturdays ago, I was disappointed to start off the morning as no one had there "leftover" Heritage. I was hoping to clean up like normally, but alas no opened Heritage. I did watch a dealer bust a hobby box open and go figure he pulled the Ohtani autograph, and before he could slab it was offered $850.00. And he didn't take it.  WHAT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>? He said they were selling on Ebay for $950.00. No I didn't offer anything. Hell, I wouldn't pay that much for every member of the 500 HR club (if they were all living) to sign together. The most I've ever paid (for an auto) is $50.00 and that was for a certified factory issued Mickey Mantle autographed card which I turned around an hour later and gave to my dealer buddy Bob in Ocala just so he would owe me. Now, i do wish I hadn't done that, but I did, and I never let Bob forget that I did that, lol. I should get back to the original post on some cards Julie over at A Cracked Bat sent me.

The complete Braves team set (minus 1 SP, but that's okay), oh yes she did. Thank you Julie! The day after I got these cards and OCT bud sent me a 1 card PWE.

Its hard to tell, but the bottom card here is a SSP color variation. The Atlanta and the A on the cap sort of glow. That's the only difference I see. But cool an SSP!

I had 1 of these long boy Braves already and Julie almost wiped out the team set for me. I now need just 3 more base.

There are 3 insert sets and Julie hooked me up with a Brave from each one.

But she didn't stop there.

My first and only Blue Wave refractor.

Julie sent a TREAT Coa Javy autograph too, plus some of this guy.

These 4 were needed in the team sets.  Julie thanks for a great package.

Have a good night all. We'll start the card show stuff next.


  1. The '95 Fleer Javy Lopex=z is so middle 90s. I love it!
    I can't believe that dealer didn't take the $850. Wow. I would have done that deal in a heartbeat... but I'm also in the camp where I don't think that auto will be worth more than $150 once things settle down.

    1. I'm thinking he knew he was going to get $950.00. But still, a bird in the hand is worth 2 in bush....I'd taken the 850.

  2. That dealer is insane. They might sell for $950 on eBay, but after eBay fees, PP fees, and shipping/handling, he's gonna walk way with about $850. And he'd literally have to be the next Ichiro for his card to retain that value anyways.

    On a more positive note... Julie is not insane. She's awesome!