Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Atlanta Braves

More inserts and oddballs specifically Braves cards from the card show that I NEEDED.

Nice NINE here.

These 9 aren't too shabby either. Especially the bubble gum.

I had to flip the Chipper over so we could see Christie puckering up.

A worthy T-shot.

Some minor league.

Got 90's all over these.

Awesome nine. Lots of shiny.

Simon auto, but the Maddux Proof is great. I probably should've had it the other side.

World Series base! relic. With Maddux!  That card was not in the dime boxes, just saying.

I did get a lot of the Pacific brands, which is going to force me to actually finish making my want/need lists. I did start them though.

I know those are dupes of Maddux there.

Can't wait until the Braves can claim #1 again. But I guess I have to wait don't I.

The relic cards were not in the dime boxes, well at least not the Braves I shown here. You'll have to tune in tomorrow to see what relics were in those dime boxes that I would wind up paying less than a penny per card.

There you have it. All new to me. My Braves insert folder has 3,162 different Braves inserts and oddballs. This doesn't count parallel cards as they go in with the regular cards.

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  1. 3,162 different Braves inserts and oddballs. Holy smokes. That's one heckuva collection.