Monday, March 12, 2018

Holy Cow!

Seems like a month since I last posted, but 10 days.  This was not intentional, but I got caught up in sorting 250K cards I brought back from Jax. Good news though, they are sorted. At least into the Braves, set builds, mini collections, PC guys, and y'alls stacks. Yep, set builds are already done and updated on the website, yay. Well, the stacks for you'ds guys (play on words from some movie) are not broken down to the individual stacks yet. More good news, these cards are from those years that we all NEED! 96-06! Yipee.  Anyways, I did scan some stuff from the show, but saving those posts for another time. Just a quick thank you post for some cards I got in a week or so ago.

A mini Zapping from Kenny. I needed all of these guys. thanks Kenny!
Tomorrow will be my latest COMC order, then later in the week another quick thank you to Julie before i start the Card Show posts.

Have a great night, man I missed typing that........


  1. Glad you got the cards and that some where useable lol.

  2. 250K cards? That's a ton of cards! Holy cow!
    By the way, those years, yeah... that's great news! Nobody has much of that stuff in there collection.