Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Player Collection

The last time I posted the updates on the PC guys I was cramming them in all week as I was preparing to hit the monthly Jax. card show. Here we are again 1 month later, and I'll be doing the same thing.  Today we'll blow through the K's.

Al Kaline: 23 different.

Eric Karros: 41 different

Tim Keefe: zero cards yet.

Willie Keeler: zero cards yet

George Kell: 2 different.

George Kelly: 1 different.

Joe Kelley: zero cards yet.

King Kelly: 1 for now.

Clayton Kershaw: 77 different.

Harmon Killebrew: 40 different.

Ralph Kiner: 13 different.

Chuck Klein: 1.

Bill Klem: zero for now. Pretty sure I have one in the next round of updates.

Ted Kluszewski: 3 different.

Paul Konerko: 50 different.

Sandy Koufax: 16 different.

Bowie Kuhn: zero for now.

Next time we'll do the "L's"

Have a great night!

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