Sunday, January 28, 2018

Vintage non sports

This closes out the card show. Pretty much good old non sport stuff.

This is a 77 card set and I picked up 41 of them.

I always grab whatever Apes this vendor (my favorite at this show) has. One of these days I'll actually make a needs list, lol.

I grab all of the Look n See cards too.

Beatles COLOR!

I gotta throw a few baseball cards in.

These marvelous Exhibits came from fellow OCTer Jim Craig.

I am still NEEDing a Griffey collector who hasn't received the box yet preferred, or even one that has made their way through the box, they cards have changed. It is still jam packed full.

Have a great night!


  1. Beatles, Apes, History - love em all. Exhibits? Sweeeeet! You sure do have fun!

  2. Great stuff! Love that Kennedy tee shot. Might add that to my wantlist.