Wednesday, January 17, 2018


It has been a crazy couple of weeks around here. 2 trips to Florida, a couple of damaged shipping crates for a new hospital bed for my Uncle, and dealing with a mortgagee in North Carolina. Just crazy! I will have to go back and forth home to Ocala more frequently now as My 19 year old has moved home (which is an AWESOME thing), however the car I just bought her is going to need a lot of work,  and I will also more than likely have to go to northwestern North Carolina (via Marietta, Ga which adds 6 hours to the trip each way).  I'm so exhausted. And it's only just starting.

let's relax a bit with some goodies from the January Jax. card show.

i forget already which vendor I grabbed these 2 vintage Bowman's from.

Some variation short prints from 2017 Topps.

Another variation of Kershaw.

Now the cards below came as throw ins on the Kellogg's deal I posted about.

I got the near complete set, missing only a few cards, which of course I broke up for the PC. I already had this set build in progress so I will have to break it apart too.

I'm guessing that is a variation Brett, the Cespedes is the metallic snowflake.

These cards were all in a .25 box, and I pulled about 1000 cards out of and made the Kellogg's deal.

I would have been happy at .25 a piece too. But hey those Kellogg's were spanking the budget.

Grabbed about 50 of these varying years 7-11 Slurpee discs.

Again, near set missing just 6 cards. I broke it up too and will also tear apart the set build I was already working on.

Last but not least is this card which I bought outside of the show from another collector.

My first baseball Tebow!

Its was supposed to snow here again like 2 weeks ago (to the day), but it didn't maybe tomorrow, lol.

You folks have a great night.


  1. A couple of cool Bowmans and a nice Teddy W.

  2. Nice pickups. A Dwight Gooden rookie card for a quarter? That's one heck of a deal.