Monday, January 1, 2018

Closing out the Cee's

In an effort to speed things along, here is the balance of the PC guys with the last name beginning with C. I have added several cards to the main list that were misplaced in the sorted cards, oops.

Roberto Clemente: 47

Ty Cobb: 52

Mickey Cochrane: 7

Eddie Collins: 1

Jimmy Collins: 0

Bartolo Colon: 50

Earl Combs: 0

Charles Comiskey: 0

Jocko Conlan: 0

Tom Connolly: 0

Roger Connor: 0

Andy Cooper: 0

Carlos Correa: 36

Bobby Cox: 8

Sam Crawford: 0

Joe Cronin: 0

Candy Cummings: 0

Kiki Cuyler: 1

Only 16 players in the D file.


1 comment:

  1. I just started a Correa section in my insert, parallel, and oddball binder collection. Lol. It only has 2 cards :)