Monday, January 1, 2018


As posted the other day I will be keeping my goals simple for 2018. I gave myself an overall passing grade for 2017. I have a lot to do with my collection this year, so with that said here are my 2018 GOALS.

1) Finish the PC update that I started in recent weeks. It has only been 2 1/2 years since I updated them. This is doable as I am making headway and working on it almost daily. Keep in mind I have/had nearly 300,000 stars to sort, check, list (in 2 places), and place in their binders. I won't get them into their binders this year though, maybe a goal for next year.

2) Upgrade the web page/s for the PC collection. Make it easier for others to find a certain player and the cards I own of that player. Doable as I got caught up in the update process I found myself doing this I went along. Nearly half done already, well close to half way on this part. I will also be changing my excel sheet system to accommodate 1 file per Letter which helps me out.

3) Tear apart all of those sets and partial sets that I no longer wish to collect. I will be sticking to the flagship Topps, Upper Deck, Fleer, Score, Donruss for Set Builds. I do plan on keeping the Stadium Club, Hostess, Kellogg's, Topps All Star Sets (the 2 Glossy sets and the Commemorative set 22, 40, and 60 card sets). I will keep a few more too. But this break up is going to put me behind again on the PC's as I pull them out. But I won't start this one until I've finished GOAL #1.

4) Make a dent in the remaining Trophy Cup NEEDS list. Doable as this is the first goal that involves money, lol. The previous 3 rely on TIME.

5) Try to get at least 1 card for each of the HOF'ers that I don't already have a card for. Doable or probable as this is basically tracking some cards and getting them. COMC and Card Barrel will be a big help. I'd really like to have all 400+ PC guys showing I have cards. Wipe out those ZEROS!  So if you see zeros, send them to me.

That is it, 5 simple goals that should be doable. It only takes time and money, and who among us doesn't have plenty of both, LOL! 

Have a happy and blessed New Year everyone!


  1. Sounds like some reasonable goals. I've never heard of Card Barrel though.

    1. Card Barrel has replaced Just Commons. Same people, billing, just a new website and name.

  2. Like Michael Scott once said... KISS. Keep it simple stupid. I'm keeping the number of my goals in the 5 to 6 range myself. Best of luck on your list and have a happy new year!

  3. You are going to be busy! Happy New Year!