Friday, January 26, 2018

Surprise surprise surprise

For those of you younger folk, that's a quip from Gomer Pyle.

I received the Great Griffey Giving Box yesterday. I wasn't really expecting to find a whole lot that I needed. Well, I was wrong. I'll explain on a separate post highlighting the cards I pulled. What I really need to know is "Who's Next?"  Do you collect Ken Griffey Jr. cards, if so let me know in the comments, thank you. Now, for tonight's cards. The "Surprise" in the post title is related to these cards ( I knew the GGGB was coming) that came down the coast all the way from New York. Greg Night Owl (NOC) dropped an unexpected treat in my mailbox.

Three for the Miller Binder, and I know I need them which is good as that too is a "collection" that hasn't been sorted, checked against list, and put in the binder in 2 years either. Those Fire cards are my first parallels from the set (I don't have any Braves parallels or inserts), as well as my first insert.

Pretty sure I need the Chrome, not so sure on the Archives.

Now for the Braves Greg sent. Needed both of these!

This is a needed mini.

Had these two, plus an extra for the Chipper PC.

Greg sent along a nice looking 54' too. Check the Braves list, already have it, but wait let's check the set build, dawg gone it, had one there too. This must be what Greg feels like when he gets some Dodgies in, lol.  I know I unload a slew on him, figuring he know's other left (wrong) coast fans, hehehe, that he could pass the ones he doesn't need to. Thanks for the cards Greg and the needed break from PC update.

Have a great night!


  1. You're welcome. I figured you could use an extra Logan even if you had one. But, two of them, I hadn't counted on, oh well.

  2. Beautiful looking '54. Can't wait to see what you pulled from the Griffey box.