Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Card Show stuff: The Braves

I have to admit the Kellogg's posted yesterday were the highlight of the card show haul this month. However, I did come home with a lot of other good stuff too.

These 2 (above) came from the house to put in my PC.

This is an oversize card.

Nice tidbits on the back.

Can't go wrong with a Spahn.

A pair of Aarons'. One from 1980 and the other 1977.  I'm pretty sure they qualify as "night cards" too, but they are over sized and not too much to see in the background.

The pic was a historical moment.

The Mallex Smith is from one of those Chrome Holiday mega boxes. The Eddie Mathews comes from the 1977 (TCMA) Galasso Glossy Greats sets the NO posted about yesterday. It was funny just before reading Greg's post, I was on Beckett checking out the HOF star lot of this entire set and told myself I want this set. Can't go wrong with HOFer George Sisler as a BRAVE! And serial numbered to boot.

Some 2017 needs, love the SP Chipper and Maddux cards. Now I still need the AAron, Smoltz, Dansby dirty jersey, and the Newcomb high five.

Shiny refractor needs.

I didn't even know I needed that 61 Topps. Now I only need 4 more of them.

These 2 75's are minis for my team set. They came from fellow trader Michael on OCT.

A lot of odd ball misc. Braves I needed.

A bunch of relics.

That Spahn is super cool in hand. It's a wowzer card.

Finishing the newest Braves to my collection some Bowman.

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