Wednesday, May 18, 2022

A couple

 The best deal I made at the Jax card show came from a couple. They had everything in 6 3,000 count boxes. 2 baseball, 2 fb, and 2 everything else. They also had blasters....retail blasters. Right away that makes them flippers, which annoy the hell out of me. The singles had a sign for pertaining to all of them.  Inserts 3 for dollar, base cards 5 for a dollar, and rookies $2.00 each. I ignored that and pulled everything I was interested in. Along the way the guy said you see the prices right? I said no worries, these are all base cards, I don't count parallels as inserts and I a rookie is still a base card. he backed up sat back down. My stack was (2 stacks) was way up there. 12 cards were definitely inserts. But there was really a lot more so I told the guy that I was averaging the cards at 4 for a buck. splitting the base and inserts.

When all was said and done I gave the guy an offer of $60.00 for everything I pulled.

Lots more goodies to come. Obviously the guy took the $60.00 and in the end I wound up paying .13 a piece. 


  1. Replies
    1. Rookies ARE base cards! End the rookie card myth!!!

  2. Nice deal! Good way to handle sellers like that.

  3. That's funny, you walk up and tell them how things are gonna be, and they just sit back and take it. I'm guessing that they haven't been doing this for very long.

    1. I had already stacked up a couple hundred cards when he said something about the prices and I informed him of my intentions

  4. Great job in handling those newbies!