Monday, May 9, 2022

Jax card show

 I was able to head over to Jacksonville for the monthly card show. Normally, I would stay until the show was over, but I headed back at 11am. It's not that there wasn't much there. There was plenty. Too many people early on kept me uneasy for some reason. I hit up my normal tables starting with Fred, then Daryl, Eddie, and made the walk around twice. I was done when my hip started giving me a fit. 

I made basically 4 purchases and plan on spreading them out over the course of this month. Fred first.

I seen this sheet of oddball's from 1992 Cartwright's. I already own the Justice the only Braves. All but one of the cards are PC guys, so why not for a buck. I have the Gold base Maddux from 1994 and the rarer Blue too. 

The cards have backs too. No way am I storing this sheet so I broke the individual cards from there prison.

Here are the eight PC guys (includes the Justice I already owned). I put in a normal card so you can see how well I did cutting them out. I think I did well and proud of that. I was thrown off at first because of the gold border on the sheet. I cut the cards as if the gold was supposed to be on the cards. Quickly realizing that they're too big. I then compared to a normal card and said ahhh..... no gold the cards are black. I cut them all again and bingo, right on the money. I'll have so more from Fred tomorrow. I wound up with just over a 100 cards from Fred.


  1. This was the first time that I've seen an uncut sheet of these. I bet that that gold border is a quite a sight in person.

  2. Never seen those Players Choice. Cool cards!

  3. I might have kept some gold border just for fun.

  4. Me too, I may have kept the gold. Is Fred's store too far away from you so Jacksonville is the halfway point?

    1. Fred doesn't have a store. Just does the shows. He lives in Jax.