Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Just a few Braves cards

 Just a few cards tonight.

Okay, a little story behind this card. Father's day is coming up so you will see it again. A couple of weeks ago one of our fellow bloggers had posted about super cheap cards on Ebay, and I had left a comment on his blog on how I used to spend a couple of hours every night bidding a penny on things (anything) that had free shipping. That was a long time ago, and yes I used to win several every week. That night I went to the Bay and was bidding on just baseball cards that started at a penny (I bid up to .55) to cover postage if I thought the card was worth it. I glanced at my Father's cards on file and didn't show the Freddie, so I bid on it. I won it for .38 + .03 tax. Turns out I do have the card in my Braves team and Freddie PC, just not in the Father's Day files, so that is where it goes. Now, I won this card on 5/24 and got it on 5/27. Nice. I had had won another card five days before that one, and it has yet to show up, although looks like it will be here tomorrow (it went for 8 pennies- oh it was vintage). I'll show it when it comes in. 

Next up are three cards that came from a fellow OCTer.

Needed SP. 483.

Royal Blue parallel need, and then there is this one.

A very nice 58'. It will go to the set build as it isn't needed in the Braves sets.


  1. The thing I dislike about selling cards on eBay is creating the listing (description, scanning, etc.). I'd be so disheartened taking the time to do this and the card only selling for 38¢. But that's just me. Glad you won this card... and I'm glad the eBay vendor made a sale.

  2. way back when (way back) 1995-98, I never listed cards that had a book value of less than a buck. They were always starting at a penny with free shipping, never did I lose out on a card. The worst thing would have been not selling, and paying a relisting fee. Things are a lot different today. In fact they started changing in 99', and I said won't sell again on Ebay.