Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Fred's table part 2

 As usual I grabbed a handful of cards from my buddy Fred. 

As per Fred's usual he gave me at no cost a 400 count box of Topps Series 1 and Opening Day. (I was hoping for Big League, Bowman, and Donruss). Maybe next month. Fred always leaves the stars, parallels and inserts in there. I appreciate them. Now with the Braves, I needed the purple Freeman, the Elite Pache, the mojo Pache, and the silver pack Freeman. The rest I already had. 

I grabbed some non sports vintage with the Gun Smoke and Brady Bunch, and the Presidential candidate cards. The Marilyn Monroe cards were not vintage. they are modern earring backer cards, lol. 

Super steal on the Jordan.

The Bart swatch card cost me .75. As did the Sisler proof and Williams framed card. I was especially happy to get the Griffey inaugural Marlins card for .75. I'll finish up Fred's card tomorrow. 


  1. As much as I love MJ baseball cards (heck I love any Jordan card)... my favorite cards in this post are the Brady Bunch cards. The Gunsmoke and Presidential Candidate cards are really cool too.

  2. I like those vintage non-sport cards.

  3. Your non-sport purchases really steal the show here. It's been my experience that the Brady Bunch cards are very difficult to find in the wild.

  4. Yep, vintage non-sport cards for the win!