Thursday, July 30, 2020

Whoa Bro

Grabbed up some of more recent Braves from 2bros again off of Ebay.

Wow, looks like it's time to clean the scanner again. Here are my complete Braves team set from 2020 Optic and a couple of the inserts.

Here is the 2020 Absolute. I still need 1 more base card. I did manage to grab an insert of Albies.

Closing out with the last two Prizm base cards I needed and my first Topps 2030 insert.

See y'all Bingo players tomorrow night!


  1. Well, this was an easy one. Acuna gets my vote, because logos matter.

  2. Oh. Thanks for the reminder. Starts at 8pm EST, right? Our school board has a zoom meeting at 5:30pm PST this evening where they'll be announcing specific plans for distance learning, so I hope I'll be able to participate the entire time.

    1. Just make sure when I post the check check in. You'll be able to participate in the fun.