Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Wacky Wednesday. 1974 Series 10

We've made it to the double digits with series 10. Another set that is not complete, but I do have quite a bit.

If you look closely you can see that there are two different checklists. One has the Pupsi cola, and one does not. Pupsi is the key sticker it books for like $80.00. I do not have that one, or #2 Mountain Goo which books at $12.00. The rest of the stickers are valued between $2.50-8.00.

The completed puzzle.

The top sticker was obviously upgraded with the bottom sticker. No idea why I scanned both.

Both 1 star and 2 star (*, **) versions.

I remember when tic tac's came out, they were all the rage. I especially liked it when the orange flavor came out....... Not so much these days.

Poor cropping...both by Topps and myself. (*, **).

That wraps up this week. Don't poop your pants.....but, I do not currently have any......not a single series 11 sticker. Series 11 was the last series in 1974. Most of those stickers are valued between
$4-8.00 with 1 sticker at $10.00 and 1 at $15.00. I will take a break next Wednesday. But, I will be back the following with the handful of series 12 stickers that I have. They were the first series in 1975.



  1. I remember the arrival of Tic Tacs, too. You're right, it was a big deal.

    Not one of these stickers looks familiar.

  2. I still love orange Tic Tacs. Wintergreen too.